SIG Manufacturing Co.

Montezuma, Iowa

Kit & ARF Production History

First, let me state that I have no affiliation with SIG Manufacturing Co.  This website started as a personal project, primarily for my own curiosity and enjoyment, as I've been a fan of SIG model airplanes since I was a teenager (many, many decades ago).  I hope you enjoy seeing these classic designs as much as I do.


These pages contain everything I have found on-line concerning the production history of model airplane kits & ARFs from SIG Manufacturing Company, including kits from other manufacturers that SIG has carried over the years.


All information has been obtained from MANY sources across the web, far too many for me to keep track of, but RC Groups, RC Universe, e-bay, Worthington auctions, Mike Gretz (R&D Chief, SIG) and the SIG Company, and many personal websites were the main sources.  The SIG logo at the top of these pages appears here with the permission of Mike & SIG.


For most non-ARF kits, I've got original box art in addition to aircraft pics.  A few have advertisement pics, some have plans - whatever I could find.  Some even have currently operational aircraft pics.  Most include the original construction manuals in .pdf form, and many have complete specs in .pdf form .


As far as I know, this is the most complete listing of SIG kits that exists, probably including within SIG Mfg Co.  There are only 2 known kits missing, RC-10 and RC-11 - and they're just 2 of the 3 variants of the same plane, the RC-12 Simco, which IS included here.


The newest addition to the long-running SIG line are the entries from Alien Acft Corp - released and offered by SIG in January & June 2016, and the Rascal-168 - first seen at the 2016 Toledo Weak Signals Expo.


My most sincere THANKS  go to Mike Gretz at SIG Mfg Co.

for providing the original basic listing.


 Active kits shown in BLACK

Discontinued kits shown in RED

Never Released kits shown in GRAY

These pages originated in Wanderings Hobby Shack

It's with great sadness that I learned of the passing of Mike Gretz, R&D Chief at SIG, on 15 January 2016.  Mike was a good friend, wonderful mentor to many, and absolutely indispensable  in the origin of this website.  His original e-mail to me with the "official" listing of SIG kits was what gave me my original direction, and is included at the bottom of this page.

Below is a print of the original e-mail from Mike Gretz.  Some kits that are listed here as being active have since been discontinued and there are many kits in the website that are not on this list.  The website has now grown far beyond this listing, to include other manufacturers' kits that SIG carries or has carried - not just their own.

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